Chris and Maddie's Wedding

This day started with a warm summer glow, sun rising over vineyards that stretch as far as they eye can see. While Maddie spent the morning laughing and drinking bubbly with her bridesmaids, just a few minutes away Chris was enjoying the company of longtime friends, drinking whiskey and sharing funny stories. Both knew that the other was preparing themselves for the day, nervously awaiting the moment they would see each other for the last time before they became husband and wife.

Time seemed to stand still when Maddie first walked down the aisle and Chris just could not stop smiling. We could see on their faces that they were both so sure of the commitment they were about to make. Once declared MARRIED all nerves about the day fell away and the rest of the day was spent celebrating with family and friends. The heavy importance that both Maddie and Chris place on family made the day even more meaningful. Fatherly speeches brought tears to everyone’s eyes and many laughs were prompted throughout the night as stories were shared and re-lived.

We snuck out of the reception to savour the last few rays of sunlight and to capture some final, intimate moments between the newly weds. A special day ended with dancing and finally sincere embraces between the couple and dear friends and family. This was one to remember!

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