Jess and Cam's Wedding

On a cloudier and colder than usual Spring day the morning started off with anxious smiles and a lot of excitement. As Jess made her way down the aisle, smiling and blushing we all melted. Cam's reaction spoke louder than words ever could. These two love each other.

The ceremony was beyond beautiful, set in a rustic shed with fairy lights strung along the roof making it all seem quite magical and the day got even better from there. Glowing from excitement all day, capturing moments of adoration between the newly wed couple was easy. With a cloudy backdrop and the always entertaining groomsmen, there was no need to fake laughs. They came all too natural and everyone had a blast.

Surrounded by family and friends who so obviously love these two, the day was finished with tearjerker speeches and out-of-control laughter as the dance floor went off!